This project was born in mid-2018 after conversations about Feminist Porn with the journalist Salvador Martínez. The idea was to delve into the subject by making interviews with some of their most relevant characters. Without a clear initial structure or budget or production, the first interview would serve as a key to be able to reach out the ones that came later.

SEX, PORN & EDUCATION is an immersion in the thoughts and desires of 7 people in their fight against heteropatriarchal heritage through feminist porn, explicit images of sex from a more feminine and inclusive point of view, made for a society that needs more sex education and less media pressure from big interests.

Finally, the duration is 19 minutes, leaving the total number of interviews for the photographic book "S*x, P*rn and Feminism" that contains all the original material. The idea is to tangentially touch the main theme and generate curiosity and inspiration in the viewer/reader with which to continue delving into the themes. 

The book "S*x, P*rn & Feminism" contains film photographs of the backstage of a feminist Porn movie, portraits of the interviewees in the project and stills from the documentary, and in the second part of the book are the interviews we did to the characters, all translated into Spanish and English.

Photobook technical specifications:

The book is part of the L Collection of the Metallibro and was edited by @voaa_ and @c_ordonez
Interviews are in English-Spanish
The curatorial text is in charge of @monicasalineror and its translation by @miguelnomas
There are 214 pages, hardcover, 17.4x21.8x2cm

300 copies.

PRICE €30 + €10 shipping cost.

The book was awarded as the best photobook in Chile by GAM Cultural Center

Interview and photobook award

Launch of "S*x, P*rn & Feminism" at Flach bookstore, Santiago de Chile

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